Séminaire d’Anna Esposito (Seconda Università di Napoli et IASS-International Institute for Advanced Scientific Studies)

Disorders and features affecting successful social exchanges

 Jeudi 24 Septembre à 14h15

 Télécom ParisTech, 46 rue Barrault, 75013

 Amphithéâtre Rubis

Abstract An innovative science education should teach boys and girls to be emphatic and sensitive towards their peers. Being skilled in social exchanges means, among other, to be able to recognize other emotions. Absence of this ability is at the basis of several social disorders, among those, depressive mood.

In this talk I will report some experimental data on how depressed subjects recognize other emotional states, as well as, which speech features in spontaneous and read narratives can serve for detecting a depressed mood.

Part of this work is the results of an international collaboration with Laurence Likforman, from Telecom ParisTech (FR), Alessandro Vinciarelli from Glasgow University (UK), and myself, Filomena Scibelli, and Antonietta M. Esposito, from the Second University of Naples (IT).

The data presented are part of a larger investigation project aiming at the identification of social features for automatically detecting successful social exchanges.