CCN – Cybersecurity for Communication and Networking

CCN – Cybersecurity for Communication and Networking

Responsable : Patrick Bellot

Enseignants-chercheurs et chercheurs membres de l’équipe :

Patrick Bellot, Professeur
Rida Khatoun, Maître de Conférences
Houda Labiod, Professeur
Mounira Msahli, Maître de Conférences
Ahmed Serhrouchni, Professeur
Pascal Urien, Professeur

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To face the large and heterogeneous panel of interconnected networks systems as well as devices, there is a need for on demand security and privacy where the underlying mechanisms are tightly linked to the involved services. Security demands could vary greatly based on the supported services. We need security on demand approaches to deal with security requirements variation allowing adaptive security adjusted to the service and environment multi-constraints while taking into account the following properties: scalability, lightness, autonomy, mobility, and interoperability. Aiming to defend against a high number of critical attacks, the challenges that we address are: adaptive end-to-end security architectures with lightweight and scalable security functions and protocols, scalable trust management with lightweight cryptographic functions/mechanisms and crypto-agility, identity management and lightweight authentication mechanisms, blockchain-based solutions for cybersecurity mainly for access control, integrity and resilience.

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