About the lab

The Information Processing and Communication Laboratory (French acronym: LTCI) is a Télécom ParisTech in-house lab. Since January 2017, it has been continuing the work previously carried out by the CNRS team of the same name. LTCI was created in 1982 and is characterized by its extensive coverage of the information and communication technologies field. The core of LTCI’s subject areas consists in computer science, networks, signal and image processing and digital communications. The lab is also active in issues relating to systems engineering and applied mathematics.

LTCI has a staff of 300 people overall, of which 130 are permanent academic staff, 25 are engineering, administrative and technical staff and over 150 are PhD students and postdocs working in 16 different research teams. The lab’s scientific output represents around 650 publications in international journals and conferences each year. Another of the lab’s distinguishing features is its ability to build lasting partnerships with industry, thanks to research chairs and joint labs.

Within Université Paris-Saclay, LTCI is actively engaged in Labex Digicosme, LMH and also in IRT SystemX, as well as in the ISN, NanoDesign, CDS et PIM projects. LTCI is accredited for the quality of its partnership-based research as part of Institut Carnot Télécom and Société numérique. LTCI enjoys strong links with the I3 lab (Interdisciplinary Innovation Lab), which brings together the economic and social science research projects undertaken at Télécom ParisTech.